Services and Expertise

HydroGeoLogica has three Principal Consultants and a network of associate mining experts to address any hydrology or mine waste issue, from pre-feasibility through post closure.

HydroGeoLogica specializes in mine waste and water management, including:

  • Operational, site-wide water balance modeling and management analysis
  • Water management for pre-feasibility, feasibility, operations, and closure studies
  • Facility-specific water management (heap leach, tailings, pit lakes)
  • Water modeling in support of feasibility studies, permitting or closure planning
  • Dynamic systems modeling in GoldSim
  • Hydrogeologic investigation and characterization programs
  • Water supply studies
  • Groundwater modeling
  • Geochemical materials characterization
  • Waste rock management plans
  • Water quality modeling of seepage, tailings decant, etc.
  • Pit lake water balance and water quality modeling
  • Permitting support
  • Baseline hydrogeology and geochemistry studies

HydroGeoLogica has experience with the following specialty tools:

  • Dynamic Systems Models (e.g., GoldSim)
  • 2- and 3-dimensional groundwater flow models (e.g., Seep/W, FeFlow, Modflow)
  • Aquifer test analyses (e.g., FlowDim, AQTESOLV)
  • Equilibrium geochemical model (PhreeqC)
  • Visual Basic applications for Access and Excel

HydroGeoLogica Statements of Qualifications