HydroGeoLogica specializes in hydrogeology, geochemistry, water management, mine waste management and water quality services.  We develop pragmatic cost-effective solutions by integrating technical expertise, experience and common sense in addressing your water-related issues.

HydroGeoLogica has experience with the following specialty tools:

  • Dynamic Systems Models (e.g., GoldSim)
  • Equilibrium Geochemical Models (e.g., PhreeqC, Geochemists Workbench)
  • Dynamic Links between GoldSim and PHREEQC for Water and Solute Balance Modeling
  • Saturated and Unsaturated Groundwater Flow Models - 2D and 3D (e.g., Seep/W, FEFLOW, MODFLOW) 
  • Infiltration Modeling and Analysis (HYDRUS)
  • Aquifer Test Analyses (e.g., FlowDim, AQTESOLV)
  • Mapping and Geographic Information Systems (ArcGIS)
  • Visual Basic Applications for Access and Excel