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Mine Waste Management and Closure

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HydroGeoLogica’s geochemists are experts in designing and implementing mine waste management programs for tailings, waste rock, pit lakes, spent ore, solid/municipal waste, treatment residuals and sludges, impacted water, and other chemicals, materials, and wastes. We specialize in identifying and taking advantage of existing site materials and conditions to minimize management and closure costs. Innovative solutions require thorough characterization of all on-site materials, good and poor quality, to mitigate the poor-quality materials to the extent possible.

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Material Characterization

HydroGeoLogica applies global standards such as MEND, the GARD Guide, International Cyanide Code, ICMM, and Equator Principles to evaluate mine materials and best management practices. In cases where industry standard laboratory and field geochemical test protocols are not appropriate, we have extensive experience in specialized test design to provide the most valuable data for the project. The quantity and character of site materials will drive the level and type of management, and ultimately closure planning of the facilities. Site and laboratory data are used both as direct analogues of site processes and as input to geochemical and water models to test a variety of operational and closure alternatives, evaluate risk, design facilities, and manage waste streams.

Modeling and Interpretation

HydroGeoLogica has extensive geochemical and flow modelling experience. Modelling is used to help assess risk by predicting water quality of runoff or seepage for various management and closure options. This helps to screen out high risk and/or high cost options early in the planning process. Our Modelling expertise includes GoldSim, PHREEQC, MODFLOW, HYDRUS, and other commercial water flow and reactive geochemical tools. We also build customized analytical models for specialized site conditions or scenarios.

Mine Waste Management and Cover Design


HydroGeoLogica innovates to identify low-cost, low-risk waste management options that also work within operational constraints, such as encapsulating poor quality waste materials within better quality materials, submerging reactive waste to minimize oxidation and weathering, or blending different waste streams to mitigate acid generation and metals leaching. An appropriately-designed facility cover is an integral part of a system that will provide sustainable, low-risk storage for mine waste. A properly-designed cover considers the nature of the materials being covered, the quantity and type of available local soils, the climate, and local conditions such as aspect and vegetation. HydroGeoLogica has developed expertise in cover design including borrow soil characterization (geotechnical and unsaturated flow properties), field cover trials (design, construction, and instrumentation), and geochemical and nutrient testing.

Solute Calibration and Forward Prediction

Solute Calibration and Forward Prediction

Mine Waste Experience Matrix - Selected Projects

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