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Mine Water Balance Modeling (GoldSim)

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WATER is the life blood of any mining operation. With the ever-increasing pressure on mine operators to demonstrate responsible and sustainable water management practices, analysis and decision-making tools are becoming increasingly valuable.

HydroGeoLogica understands these pressures and how to alleviate them by developing robust water and chemical modelling tools that focus on the key issues, such as:

Coupled Water and Solute Balance Model - GoldSim

Coupled Water and Solute Balance Model - GoldSim

  • Reclaim water quantity and quality
  • Water use and disposal
  • Water conservation and re-use
  • Meeting water quality standards
  • Water treatment flow rate and chemistry

Mine water balances and chemistry modeling serve as the core tools providing the technical basis to simulate water movement, water storage and water quality around the mine and in the surrounding drainage basin(s). We build solute and water balance tools in the GoldSim platform, customized to our clients’ needs. We build custom dynamic link libraries (DLL), allowing GoldSim and PHREEQC to simulate coupled water flow and reactive geochemistry, as needed. The resulting storage, flow, and chemistry predictions can be used for facility design and decision making, to optimize operations, and to address closure issues.


HydroGeoLogica specializes in mine water models for a variety of applications and goals:

  • Feasibility studies and fatal flaw analysis
  • Operational water tracking, conservation and optimization
  • Water quality prediction and management
  • Water recycling, treatment and disposal
  • Expansion studies
  • Facility-specific studies (e.g., tailings impoundments, leach pads)
  • Pit lake modeling (see SOQ Pit Lake Modeling)
  • Permitting and compliance
  • Closure and reclamation

Water Balance Experience Matrix - Selected Projects

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