HydroGeoLogica consists of principal and senior consultants and a network of associate mining experts to address hydrology/hydrogeology or geochemistry/mine waste issues, from pre-feasibility through post closure.


  • Water Balance for Water Management Design
  • Environmental Risk Audits
  • Baseline Hydrogeology
  • Baseline Waste and Ore Characterization
  • Waste Rock Management Planning
  • Closure Planning
  • Groundwater Modeling
  • Impact Assessments
  • Water Resources Exploration and Planning
  • Rapid Infiltration Basin Design
  • Runoff Analysis


  • Water Balance Development/Calibration and Operational Predictions
  • Water Planning/Conservation/Re-use
  • Water Disposal
  • Water Reclamation Optimization
  • Acid Rock Drainage/Metals Leaching Issues
  • Source ID and Control/Mitigation
  • Waste Characterization, Stabilization and Management
  • Groundwater Flow and Fate/Transport Modeling
  • Well Field Design, Installation and Testing
  • Instrumentation


  • Water Balance Predictions for Facility Closure Design
  • Pit Lake Modeling, Managing, Treatment
  • Heap Drain-down prediction and Management
  • Natural Attenuation Studies
  • ARD/ML Mitigation and Management
  • Heap, Tailings and Waste Rock Water Management
  • Groundwater Monitoring and Management
  • Groundwater Flow and Fate/Transport Modeling
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